Welcome to C.aribbean HIS.torical TOURS!

We are a quality tour provider that is also involved in the training and certifying of our tour guides to ensure the quality of the tours we provide. The curriculum that we have created is a six year certification program with lots of reading and test taking in diverse studies such as history, geology, flora identification and world history. Our tours cover the gamut of a very comprehensive Historical Tour, many fun themed tours, to a General Tour.

Starting out with one Antiguan emigrant family in the Virgin Islands in 1984, Caribbean Historical tours is now a network of 20 tour guides in ten different islands. This website, other independent websites, word of mouth, advertisements, many hotels and bed and breakfasts, act as a catalyst in connecting our special potential clients to us.

Our tour guides are trained in human and geological history, presentation skills, public speaking and professional touring. As our testimonials indicate, we have a proven track record in creating high quality world-class tour excursions. We pride ourselves in delivering an elegant system of education that raises the standards of excellence, information and customer service. Integrity is paramount to us. Most of all, our objective is to create interactive, engaging, informative tours  that help to recount the history of the Caribbean!

Mission Statement:

We aim to raise the bar of excellence by training and qualifying hand picked tour guides in their respective island's history: Caribbean, African, Asian and European history; culture, human and geological history, geography, customer service, and C.HIS.TOURS. Professional Touring Skills are our trade secret. We strive to be a leader in providing world-class, informative experiences. Tours that are more than just seeing an island but feeling the island!  Something only a well designed tour and a specially trained tour guide can provide.

Tours We Offer

Historical Tour I

This is a Two Phase tour excursion; the most comprehensive Historical Tour we offer and almost always involves some walking to ensure the experience gives you  an opportunity to get  up close and personal to the subject matter. This tour is always a Hear, See, Smell, Touch, Taste and Feel the Caribbean tour!!!







Historical Tour II

This is a Single Phase comprehensive tour that has No Walking involved. This tour like the Historical Tour I is very aromatic and interactive. This tour offers convenience for those with limited mobility who still desire the tour experience.








General Tour

The General Tour is a composite of all the various tours we create, it is diverse and a great value. It is a great tour for someone that has tried all of our tours in the respective island location. A great way to see the island again and get up to date statistical information and a little history as we take unique ever changing routes.









Nature Tour

This is the way we play in a naturesque way. Into isolated and pristine areas we come, in this always All Inclusive excursion.











Beach Tour

Beach Tours are a great way to SEA the island and get some swimming in. A great tour for someone that has tried our other tours before and just wants to swim. These tours encompass the history of the beaches and it is a-wash with fun.








Shopping Tour

Our Shopping Tours are an  excellent way  to  spend  your day. These are always All Inclusive  with everything being provided, even helpful gemological information. This information will empower you by enlightening you to the nuances in color and other features that many take for granted but can  make a big difference in gem quality and value. We use the same  standards used by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) and other top appraisers.

Fashion, Jewelry , Watches, we  connect you to them all. Even if you are not in the Caribbean our Shopping and Concierge Services and can help you locate  what  you want. * Service charges apply.








Taxi here, taxi there, taxi services are here. To hotel from airport and back, weddings and your conventions, its like we invented taxi transportation. One included stop for necessities and great customer service.